Technology and Communication

This article explains how those organizers use technology to communicate and reach a larger crowd. This article explains it:

How Google Docs became the social media of the resistance

Facebook and Twitter might have the bells and whistles, but the word processing software’s simplicity and accessibility have made it a winning tool. by Tanya Basuarchive page June 6, 2020

From this article it’s worth taking note of how google docs was used to guide and figure out which news sources were false, misleading and clickbait-y and gives tips for analyzing news sources:

Here is yet another source from the article: Google Docs isn’t the only tool that activists are using. Carrd, a platform for building one-page sites, has seen a sharp increase in protest pages like this one.

Noteworthy quote from the article: “… But while Google Docs is easy to use and share, how private is it? Protesters have taken to putting their phones in airplane mode so their data and location can’t be tracked, along with covering up identifying features. Signal, which provides messaging with end-to-end encryption, has been one of the most downloaded apps of the past few weeks. Including sensitive information in a publicly viewable document might feel risky right now.”

Here is another article worth reading: A teenager’s guide to building the world’s best pandemic and protest trackers

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