What’s new at Bayside Digital

What’s new at Bayside Digital? We used to use the Weebly platform for the longest time. However, we wanted to get better at using WordPress. Weebly is quite easy in comparison with WordPress. The latter had a long learning curve. However, it’s always great facing challenges and accomplishing projects. Today, I managed to update ourContinue reading “What’s new at Bayside Digital”

Digital tools

We come across so much information on the web, it becomes difficult to find them again. As the search algorithms change and many other factors, finding what you once found online, might be next to impossible. Today I’ll list some of the useful information I found online and sharing on this page: Are you lookingContinue reading “Digital tools”

Technology and Communication

This article explains how those organizers use technology to communicate and reach a larger crowd. This article explains it: How Google Docs became the social media of the resistance Facebook and Twitter might have the bells and whistles, but the word processing software’s simplicity and accessibility have made it a winning tool. by Tanya Basuarchive pageContinue reading “Technology and Communication”

Reporter Uncovers Airbnb Scam. Airbnb Shrugs, Pockets Money

Originally posted on Longreads:
When reporter Allie Conti got a call from her Airbnb host 10 minutes before she was supposed to check in to her rental in Chicago, “Andrew” claimed the toilet had backed up, making the unit unavailable. The good news, he said was that he had a larger place he managed nearby.…

The Exciting Sounds of the Mal Barsamian Band — HYE Times

Traditional Armenian village music has traveled hundreds of years and has faced major hurdles in order to survive and tell an important story about the Armenian people. So much has been lost due to the horrors of the Armenian Genocide, but we are fortunate to have the music that survived. Now we need to nurture […]Continue reading “The Exciting Sounds of the Mal Barsamian Band — HYE Times”

Latest blog posts

We have few blog entries at our BaysideDigital.com website Scammers and how do they know so much about you and http://www.baysidedigital.com/blog/getting-organized-and-unload-stuff-declutter-spring-cleaning Getting Organized and unload stuff, declutter and spring cleaning. Certainly we need as well digital declutter, starting with our personal digital files, as well as busines files no longer needed. We are going overContinue reading “Latest blog posts”