What’s new at Bayside Digital

What’s new at Bayside Digital?

We used to use the Weebly platform for the longest time. However, we wanted to get better at using WordPress. Weebly is quite easy in comparison with WordPress. The latter had a long learning curve. However, it’s always great facing challenges and accomplishing projects.

Today, I managed to update our long overdue Bayside Digital. It wasn’t easy, however I managed somehow!

Your comments are most welcome.

Do you have a website? You are welcome to post your link in comments.

Do you need a website? Let me help you. Contact me.
I will add eventually my online portfolio. Once step at a time!

DIY DIGITAL RESOURCES was updated and finalized today

The DIY Digital Resources were updated. Variety of resources based on the needs and requests from clients.

Here are some of my digital portfolios:

North Flushing Pool Club

Tutor for N-5

Tutor for N-5th grade https://sites.google.com/view/maydaharoutunian/home

Variety of online stores – if you like to sell online and need help setting up a business or personal website, let’s discuss.

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