Don’t you wish you had all your paper photos digitized?

It had been one of my goals to get all those numerous boxes of photos, so many photo albums and variety of photos digitized. When my son Alex, who has digital media background, gladly took on that enormous job. Friends liked to have theirs digitized too. Whoever we talked to, they all had similar wish to get their life stories digitized.

Hence, we set up Bayside Digital with professional scanners and offering our services to help archive family stories.

Rue PonceletAs my son was digitizing, he kept asking questions about people in the photos. I decided to add to photos brief description, added here some samples. This service will be available too at Bayside Digital. Every time you keep telling the same story, whenever you share your photos. That’s solved by captioning! It will be useful also while sharing in a slide show, special family celebrations and parties. At times memories fade over time and start wandering where it was, what year and who was that acquaintance in the photo.

photo with caption

Do you have family archiving stories to share? When would you start digitizing yourself or by professional digitization service?

Let’s hear from you

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