Search Engines and extensions

Today in NewsWeek there was an article about Google Chrome search engine and major issues with extensions. What’s your thought about it? We love technology, however it has so many ways some abuse it.

Here is the article that was published today:

Google Chrome Users Targeted in ‘Massive Global Surveillance Campaign’


Here is the introduction: “

Google has removed dozens of malicious extensions from its Chrome Web Store after a cybersecurity firm uncovered a “massive global surveillance campaign” that was recently targeting users of the popular internet browser.

The Alphabet-owned search giant told Reuters more than 70 suspicious add-ons were purged from its browser after the issue was raised by Awake Security, a Santa Clara, California-based outfit that uses artificial intelligence to hunt for threats.

Researchers at Awake Security found there had been at least 32,962,951 downloads of “malicious or fake” extensions, more than 100 add-ons total, as of May 2020…”

To read the full article, here is the link

Had you downloaded in May any extensions?

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