Video with photos

Creating videos with my 20k+ photos is a huge personal project. Today I managed to create the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Holy Martyrs Day School, HMADS, in Bayside, NY. I added the photos to video today, to our Bayside Digital. 

Here is the link to our videos on Facebook. We will add more.

2017 Cover of HMADS photo to video

This encourages me to proceed, slowly but surely to tackle the huge digital mountain of photos. One of the most time-consuming issues is adding text on each and every photo, besides finding music to go along with it. However, the end result will be more useful. After a while, if someone, other than me is looking at them, will have some idea as to what the photo is all about.

How do you present your digitized photos? Let’s hear from you

Genocide Museum | The Armenian Genocide Museum-institute

Here is quote from the below link – you might like to read more following the below link:
“This film documentary tells the story of writer George Jerjian’s latest book, Daylight after a Century, a collection of photographs taken by his grandfather of his home town and college town.

Dr George Djerdjian (1870-1947), grandfather of the writer, took 240 photographs of his hometown of Arabkir and his college town of Erzeroum between 1900 and 1907, of which only about 100 survive.




– See more at:

Source: Genocide Museum | The Armenian Genocide Museum-institute