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Sample Websites by Bayside Digital:

North Flushing Pool Club We help our client update it as needed

MyBargainsmall.com Have your own ecommerce site. We are experts in using Ecrater since mid 90s! We are good as well in Weebly and WordPress. This website is made using WordPress. The prior Bayside Digital was designed using Weebly.

Tutor k-5G

Lucine Tegnazian website created with Weebly: Powerful eCommerce, all in one place.


Zarmine’s Personal Blog we set up and she continues to update it often.

In 2008, I made a blog for a dear colleague who had lost her son. Sadly about 5 years ago she passed away from heartbreak. Here is the Blog in memory of Maxime Myrtil.

Fashion Blog

Sample Graphics

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