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Bayside Digital was established on May 28, 2015. We help families and businesses with their digital needs.

We bring your estate’s and business’ analog photos, videos, documents to the 21st century. Photo scanning services, slides, old family video tapes transferred to digital format, Documents scanned to searchable .pdf.

RUSH order, please add $50 – we process in the order that we receive.

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List of our latest digital services:

PHOTOSOriginal photographic prints may range in size from 2 in. x 2.5 in. to 8.5 in. x 12 in. and must be free of any backing or mounting materials (original photographic paper only).

Scanning size:  individual scanning (size 2″x2″ to – 8″x12″)

.jpeg at 300 dpiPrice/photo up to 100 photos (same size bundle scans)  ->.38c
.jpeg at 600 dpiPrice/photo up to 100 photos (same size bundle scans) -> .43c
.jpeg at 300 dpiPrice/photo over 100 photos (same size bundle scans) -> .36c
.jpeg at 600 dpiPrice/photo over 100 photos (same size bundle scans) -> .41c
A U G U S T SPECIALfor over 1000 photos —–> .25c at 300 dpi – .27c at 600 dpi
Photo Scanning Services
Individual photo scans Polaroid, fragile and older photosThey need special handling
300 dpi $1.00 ea & 600 dpi $1.50 ea
8×10 page scrapbook, album page (300 dpi $2/page) $2.50
PREP album handling fee – taking off only per photo album $25.00
Photos that need individual flat bed scanning and Photo Albums


Qty less than 100 slides/negative/.jpeg> $2.00 each
  SLIDES 1200 DPIOver 100+ slides – price per slide/negative –> $1.19 each
Over 1000+ slides – price per slide/negative –> $ .75
Slides Scanning –
Film Transfers
MINIMUM FILM TRANSFER CHARGE is $100 – unlike big outfits, we NEVER ship overseas!!! (File format converted to .vob)ALL WORK IS DONE IN NY!
3″ Reels 8mm or super 8 w/sound –> $12 (50′)
4″ Reels8mm or super 8, 16mm –> $22 (100′)
5″ Reels8mm or super 8, 16mm –> $40 (200′)
6″ Reels8mm or super 8, 16mm –> $60 (300′)
7″ Reels8mm or super 8, 16mm –> $75 (400′)
each up to 2hrs ($5 extra if over)VHS,VHS-C,Super VHS,Super VHS-C ||| Video 8mm, Hi-8, Digital8, MiniDV ||| Betamax – to .vob files —> $25 each
each up to 2hrs ($5 extra if over)DVCAM, DVCAM HDV to .vob files –> $30
each up to 2hrs ($5 extra if over)DVCAM (PAL to NTSC) to .vob files –> $40
each up to 2hrs ($5 extra if over)Foreign PAL or Secam system is – up to 2hrs–> $30
each up to 2hrs ($5 extra if over)BetaCam, Beta SP, U-Matic – > $50
VIDEO REPAIRVHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, Super VHS-CVideo 8mm, Hi-8, Digital8, MiniDV> $35
Audio CassetteUp to 80 Minutes (add $35 if over 80 min) (No repairs available) – $25 each
All video is converted to industry standard file .vob add $5 to convert .vob files to .mp4 (or any other file format you need, please specity)
DOCUMENTS SCANNING SERVICES BATCH + *searchable .pdf in 24 languages
Letter size (8.5” x 11”) scan doc auto feed B&W-300 dpi – .pdf 0.16c per page
Mixed batch 5.5”x8.5” to 8.5”x14” auto feedB&W-300 dpi – .pdf0.19c per page
Each tiny paper, odd sizes or damaged paper, letters,  scanningB&W-300 dpi – .pdf$1.00 each
Letter size 8.5”x11”) scan auto feedColor- 300 dpi .pdf0.18c
*Add .05 cents for searchable .pdf to above paper scans!
Searchable .pdf in: English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Turkish
DUPLICATE  COPIES ON DVD (NOTE: your first copy is FREE)$10 each
*flash or thumb drive with your data – please see footer
Slideshows & Family Movies from your photos (reunions, weddings, celebrations…) – with up to 200 photos (without captions)$50.00
SPECIAL REQUESTS – (Quote per digital project) individual assistance from  $50/hr+ let’s discuss   
** See your .mp4 videos online for free 6 months (private link) – $25/year up to per 50gb/yr
* Your Data will be on DVD
Optional add ons: your data on Thumb Drive or External Hard Drive or online:
16 GB thumb drive $20
32 GB thumb drive $40
64 GB thumb drive $70
128 GB thumb drive $100
1 TB USB external hard drive $10
02 TB USB external hard drive $160

If you like provide your external drive, it needs to be brand new, sealed to avoid infecting our data with viruses. 
** Your videos online:  .vob files need to be converted to .mp4 – $10/conversion which includes online upload for FREE for 3 mos. You have the option to download & share with password protected link.
Option to renew access $25/year per up to 50gb per year.  

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