With all kind of social media censorship, people are looking for other tools to communicate and interact. – I haven’t used it yet. Have you? What’s your experience?

People have been migrating or using simultaneously

What’s new at Bayside Digital

What’s new at Bayside Digital?

We used to use the Weebly platform for the longest time. However, we wanted to get better at using WordPress. Weebly is quite easy in comparison with WordPress. The latter had a long learning curve. However, it’s always great facing challenges and accomplishing projects.

Today, I managed to update our long overdue Bayside Digital. It wasn’t easy, however I managed somehow!

Your comments are most welcome.

Do you have a website? You are welcome to post your link in comments.

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I will add eventually my online portfolio. Once step at a time!

DIY DIGITAL RESOURCES was updated and finalized today

The DIY Digital Resources were updated. Variety of resources based on the needs and requests from clients.

Here are some of my digital portfolios:

North Flushing Pool Club

Tutor for N-5

Tutor for N-5th grade

Variety of online stores – if you like to sell online and need help setting up a business or personal website, let’s discuss.

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Digital tools

We come across so much information on the web, it becomes difficult to find them again. As the search algorithms change and many other factors, finding what you once found online, might be next to impossible.

Today I’ll list some of the useful information I found online and sharing on this page:

Are you looking for online surveys? Here is a great article:

That’s What Everyone Says: 5 Free Tools For Effective Online Surveys

Google forms is a great tool to get information. We use it for our price list. As well as for our client websites, i.e. registration information for summer pool membership. Here is a useful information to use Google forms

The other four are Typeform, SurveyPlanet, Soorvey and SurveyMonkey. I haven’t tried them yet. Have you used them? If yes, which one(s) do you recommend?

Social Media and censorship of videos

We often find videos we have saved in our collections, somehow get the not available notice!

Here is a way to keep videos that you like in your own hard drive and access anytime you wish:

Do you know of other reliable tools to download videos for personal use?

Search Engines and extensions

Today in NewsWeek there was an article about Google Chrome search engine and major issues with extensions. What’s your thought about it? We love technology, however it has so many ways some abuse it.

Here is the article that was published today:

Google Chrome Users Targeted in ‘Massive Global Surveillance Campaign’


Here is the introduction: “

Google has removed dozens of malicious extensions from its Chrome Web Store after a cybersecurity firm uncovered a “massive global surveillance campaign” that was recently targeting users of the popular internet browser.

The Alphabet-owned search giant told Reuters more than 70 suspicious add-ons were purged from its browser after the issue was raised by Awake Security, a Santa Clara, California-based outfit that uses artificial intelligence to hunt for threats.

Researchers at Awake Security found there had been at least 32,962,951 downloads of “malicious or fake” extensions, more than 100 add-ons total, as of May 2020…”

To read the full article, here is the link

Had you downloaded in May any extensions?

Reporter Uncovers Airbnb Scam. Airbnb Shrugs, Pockets Money

Airbnb scams –


When reporter Allie Conti got a call from her Airbnb host 10 minutes before she was supposed to check in to her rental in Chicago, “Andrew” claimed the toilet had backed up, making the unit unavailable. The good news, he said was that he had a larger place he managed nearby. Little did Allie know that she stumbled on an Airbnb scam involving nearly 100 property listings in eight cities run by fraudsters manipulating Airbnb’s weak policy standards and enforcement. What’s worse? Airbnb’s pathetic non-response deserves a zero-star review. Read her story at Vice.

The bad news, which went unstated, was that I had unknowingly stumbled into a nationwide web of deception that appeared to span eight cities and nearly 100 property listings—an undetected scam created by some person or organization that had figured out just how easy it is to exploit Airbnb’s poorly written rules in order to…

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Scammers and how do they know so much about you

and Getting Organized and unload stuff, declutter and spring cleaning. Certainly we need as well digital declutter, starting with our personal digital files, as well as busines files no longer needed.

We are going over the various domaine names we have and working on some of them.

How are you avoiding scammers, robocalls and spring cleaning?